El Alto Print Sale Fundraiser

01 May, 2015

Nick will be selling prints from his ‘El Alto’ series to help raise money for his next project and book, ‘The Bitter Sea’.

Prints will be £80 - open edition - 48x31cm - Hahnemühle Pearl Giclée Print - and will be available to ship worldwide.

All profits made will be invested into the production of Nick Ballon’s new photo-book ‘The Bitter Sea’.
‘The Bitter Sea’ will be a photographic exploration into why the landlocked country of Bolivia still has a painful longing for its sea lost in a war to Chile over 129 years ago. Bolivia’s landmass has been progressively eroded away to Peru in the North West, Brazil in the North East, and Paraguay in the South. Most painfully, its Pacific coastline to Chile in 1884. The loss of the sea has scarred the country and its people more gravely than any economic or territorial loss.

‘Bolivia has been landlocked ever since, but that sense of something lost in a hope that it will be returned one day remains strong in the Bolivian consciousness’

To buy prints and support Nick’s project go to www.elaltoprint.com

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