Pierre and the Almond Tree

15 July, 2013

The exhibition “Pierre and the Almond tree” was born from an unlikely encounter: that of three young international artists and designers (Érika Muller, graphic designer; Nick Ballon, photographer; and Tomás Alonso, furniture designer) with Pierre Leron Lesur, a French artist from Saint Rémy de Provence who has in the last fifty years developed “Sylvistructure”: a unique practice at the crossing point between art and craftsmanship.

Sylvistructure aims to reveal the natural beauty of old pieces of wood found on country paths. The technique involves delicately stripping the wood from decomposing matter, in order to reveal its core. Throughout his career, Pierre Leron Lesur has developed a specific interest in the almond tree: a singular tree with twisted shapes that is becoming increasingly rare in Provence.

The three artists undertook to reinterpret the notion of sylvistructure. Following Pierre’s ritual, they started by looking for an old almond tree near Avignon and Saint Rémy de Provence. Each of the pieces displayed gravitates around this tree and the path that led them to it. This tree, found and chosen by the artists, is the exhibition’s leading thread and is displayed together with the other pieces.Their work was displayed together with a selection of sylvistructures – creating a dialogue between Pierre’s original pieces and multiple interpretations of the discipline.

The show was displayed in Pierre’s gallery from the 1st - 6th July, but will be making its way to a London gallery very soon. We will keep you updated.


- AH

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