Potatoes Need Marketing Too

24 October, 2014

Nick’s project on the Potato Marketing Board is featured on www.fotographia.com

‘Nick Ballon is a British photographer with a rich Bolivian heritage. “I am always trying to make connections however tenuous between my Bolivian heritage and the UK where I have lived all my life,” Nick told us in an email conversation. For his latest project, this philosophy led him to potato crops: the potato “is often believed to have originated from Bolivia.”

More precisely, Nick decided to take pictures of the Potato Marketing Board – also known as Potato Council – in Sutton Bridge. This is a branch of a UK organisation which works to “help improve, develop and promote Britain’s potato industry, while also promoting the alleged health benefits of potatoes.” The Potato Marketing Board “commissions research to improve the efficiency of potato production, provides statistical data on the potato and offers governmental advice,” besides promoting potatoes to the general public through initiatives such as National Chip Week and Love Potatoes.’


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