The Navy without a Sea for Avaunt Magazine.

04 April, 2017

Nick was granted access to the Bolivian Navy Base in Tiquina, Lake Titicaca, after a long exchange of requests and negotiations.
He wanted to spend time in the base to document what it felt to be part of a Navy without a Sea, as it was featured in Avaunt Magazine on their 5th Issue. 

Nick lived like the navy recruits for four days, 6am calls for physical training and Barrack accommodation were an all-inclusive for the experience. Regardless of the challenges one could not avoid when at 3,800 mts heights, he managed to capture the trainings of the Female Scuba Diving Squad, the Young Navy Recruits, ride a boat to combat practice areas across the lake strait and shoot scenes from the Navy’s 48th Anniversary party.

This is also part of his on-going personal project ‘Bitter Sea’, which focuses on Bolivia’s loss of the sea to Chile over 100 years ago.

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