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El Choro

'We Feed The World' is a global photography project celebrating small, family farmers and their success in feeding 70% of the world. Nick was invited by Cheryl Newman to join this project, along a curated selection of 40 photographers. Each photographer will document the life of sustainable, small family farmers across six continents. We Feed The World will result in an exhibition and a book in 2018.

The Quechua community, called El Choro, a village of 400 people is about 3-4 hours drive into the mountains from Cochabamba city. At 5000m of altitude the community is reviving their indigenous culture, traditions, their autonomy and food sovereignty. They have succeeded in becoming self-sufficient in food, recuperating at least 100 varieties of potatoes, many types of quinoa, maize and other crops. Many indigenous crops were banned under colonial rule and by the catholic church. They live with the philosophy of Sumak Kawsay and have a very holistic and communal cosmovision that emphasises the interconnectedness of everything.

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